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Unlocking on-chain liquidity with illiquid RWAs

Enabling liquidity for asset owners, Incentivizing liquidity providers

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dawn protocol serves as a conduit, unlocking stablecoin liquidity by leveraging real-world assets (RWAs) as collateral. Since Q3 2023, over a million dollars in liquidity have been facilitated, backed by real world physical assets.

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Our Advantages

Fronting new age of liquidity provision with support from traditional industry

Low Risk

Underpinned by tangible assets, audited smart contracts, and stablecoins, this stability helps alleviate the risks linked with volatility.

Enhanced Yields

dawn protocol mirror rates governed by the central banks of individual countries, protecting users and promoting fairness.



Collateral assets are stored in insured vaults with our pawnbroking partners, ensuring users of the security of their assets.

Diversified Assets

dawn protocol accepts a diverse range of assets as collateral, including precious metals, gemstones, and luxury watches.

Complaince Excellence

Utilising the finest KYC, AML, and CTF practices from both traditional businesses and web3 dapps, dawn protocol adheres to a comprehensive compliance standard.

Improved Transparency

Through the use of smart contracts, which are automatically executed, record transactions on a public network, enabling anyone to access the complete transaction history.

Attain liquidity without giving up ownership of assets

Access additional liquidity by sharing the details of your assets with us


Assets Evaluation

Evaluate your assets by our licensed pawnbroking partners to receive a valuation. Once a valuation is accepted, the asset will be kept in secured storage. The asset, now known as collateral, detail will be uploaded to the smart contract

Smart Contract

Our audited smart contract is the core of dawn protocol, connecting users’ whitelisted wallets; passing liquidity between liquidity providers to users, vice versa. Each smart contract represents a single RWA backed liquidity contract.

Receives Liquidity

Stablecoin liquidity will be sent to users’ wallet address. With the help of our licensed pawnbroking partners, fiat liquidity could be dispersed to users.


Pawnbrokers and asset custody
Service Providers Engaged


USD worth of
Assets Collateralized


USDT of liquidity

Our Team

Experienced team versed in Asset Backing, Compliance and DeFi

Tan Wen’An Warren Alexander


Tan Wen’An Warren Alexander


Warren previously served as the CEO Office Project Manager at Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Warren also played a crucial role as the PMO at BNB Chain innovation, a leading blockchain platform with the highest Total Locked Value (TVL).

Joseph Christopher Koh


Joseph Christopher Koh


Joseph is a seasoned entrepreneur in the fintech realm. He founded Remsea, a licensed FinTech company and neobank, and Sangnila Pte Ltd. Joseph also served as the COO of OxPay (formerly known as MC Payment), the first fintech payment company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.